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Scotch Broom
Scotch Broom Cairns
  Tallmadge, OH

Hello - you are visiting Scotch Broom Cairn Terriers, in Tallmadge, Ohio, USA. Like the scotch broom plant, my Cairns are tough, bristly, canny, stubborn, and extremely appealing! I have raised, shown, and shared Cairns for many years and I hope you enjoy seeing some of them.

I welcome back my puppies and their
owners whenever they can visit.

Carol Onstad, Scotch Broom Cairns




Scotch Broom's latest litter of puppies are following in their mother's footsteps.
These are the Charlee/Gustaf puppies, born June 29, 2013 to:

GCH Braemar Scotch Broom Charlotte
GCH Rocco's Collar King Carl XVI Gustaf

More pictures of their adventures will be coming soon.
A repeat breeding is planned in about 6 months, and one other litter is planned this year."

2014 News at Scotch Broom!

More puppy pictures

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