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Scotch Broom Cairns
  Tallmadge, OH

Scotch Broom's Next to Newest Litter
May 18, 2011

Ch SB&K Criminal intent of Wolfpit (Goren)
Scotch Broom Angey Oakley, ME, RN, NA (Annie)

Before having another litter,
Annie worked hard with Ryan,
and received a Rally Obedience title
and an Agility title.
Annie had three in this litter.
One boy, Dash and two girls
Pepper and Katy.
Annie is a great mother.

No Stress

(from left) Dash, Pepper, and Katie.

We still fit!

(from left) Dash, Pepper in back, Katie.

Pepper goes home.

Katie went home to a whole bag of toys!

Dash goes home.

Katie all grown up and ready for Halloween.

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