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Scotch Broom Cairns
  Tallmadge, OH

Scotch Broomers News!

Charlee is hunting even when the snow is deep. It's been a really snowy winter in Ohio.

Annie is loving life in Ballard with Marilyn.

Airie and Mo Ghrahd playing in the snow in wintery Ohio.

Fiona's Master Earthdog Trophy.
She did it!

The newest face at Scotch Broom Scotch 'n Violet's Losaidh Dubh (Lossie).

Scotch Broom Fiona Jones CD BN RE ME CGCA was the 1st Cairn to ever get the CGCA. In 2013, she got the Silver Versatility from CTCA, her RE, her ME and her CGCA.

Goren x Violet babies headed for their forever homes.

Scotch Broom Berry's Wee Hamish (on the right) with his family and his sire Scotch Broom O'Riley Boy (left) and mama Tweedisle Myrtle Berry (in the middle).

Scotch Broom Fiona Jones CD, BN, RE, ME, CGCA with her Master Earthdog trophy.

Mo Ghrahd (pronounced Mo Cree) in the snow.

Goren (CH SB&K Criminal Intent of Wolfpit) showing in Veterans.



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